All of our products are handmade during the relevant season in the UK, so our strawberry jam for instance will only be made when English Strawberries are in season.   This means that different products will be available as the seasons progress.   Please click here for current availability.

All our jams complement many dishes but we have made a few suggestions we think work particularly well together.

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Wendy's Jams, Jellies, Piccalilli and Fruit Vinegars

Bramble Jelly
Deep intense colour and flavour.

Can be used as an alternative to jam but can also be the perfect foil for some meat dishes especially lamb.

Chilli Jam New!
A hot and sweet relish.

Fabulous with pate, cold meats and blue cheese. An essential ingredient for BBQ marinades.

Damson and Apple Jelly
A rich dark red clear jelly made with local damsons which are abundant in the Evesham area. Apples are added to create substance and temper the intensity of the damson flavour. This is a real favourite particularly with children as there are no “nasty bits”.

Perfect for jam tarts and makes a great glaze for a gammon or ham joint.

Gooseberry Jam
A tangy jam with an intense gooseberry flavour.

A perfect accompaniment to mackerel and delicious with hot buttered crumpets.

A fresh tasting crisp vegetable pickle in a mustard and turmeric sauce with a hint of dill.

We find this is ideal as an accompaniment to warming winter dishes such as casseroles and pies.

Plum Jam
A delicious jam with a surprisingly smooth texture and packed with flavour. Made with 60g fruit per 100g.

Perfect for spreading on breakfast toast.

Raspberry Jam

Made with 66g of fruit per 100g. The resultant jam has an intense raspberry flavour.

The ultimate filling for a Victoria sandwich.

Wendy's Raspberry Jam has won two Gold Stars in the 2013
Great Taste Awards.

Rhubarb Jam
A deliciously soft jam with a fabulous rhubarb flavour.

Ideal with toast and perfect with porridge or stirred into natural yoghurt.

Recipes using Simply Seasonal Rhubarb Jam:

Quince Jelly
An unexpected burst of citrus flavour.

Particularly good with hard ewes or goats milk cheeses and as an accompaniment to gammon.

Strawberry Jam
Made with 66g of fruit per 100g.   Only sugar and lemon (to aid the setting) are added to the fruit.   The result is a very fruity soft jam which is not too sweet and is simply delicious.   We believe that it would be difficult to find a better tasting strawberry jam.

Wonderful with freshly made scones and cream.

Fruit VinegarsNew!
Our fruit vinegars are all pleasantly tangy with a deep fruity taste.
Available in the following flavours:- strawberry, raspberry, rhubarb, blackberry, blackcurrant.

Delicious used in salad dressings or drizzled over roasted vegetables or even ice cream.