Our Ethical and Sustainable Principles:

At Simply Seasonal, we believe that natural resources are precious and should be used with care and preserved where at all possible. To this end we endeavour to ensure that our business treads lightly on our beautiful surroundings.
How do we do this?
Jam jarThe main vegetables and/or fruit in all of our products are sourced from local growers, most within 30 miles of our business
Jam jarThe jars we use are sourced within the UK and manufactured using 27% recycled glass
Jam jarThe white sugar we use is grown in the UK in the form of beet and travels minimal miles from field to processing
Jam jarThe majority of our waste is organic and is composted
Jam jarOther waste is recycled and reused by us in one form or another
Jam jarOur Christmas gift bags are made of jute and sourced from the Isle of Jute. They are designed to be reused
Jam jarThe paper carrier bags which we use on our market stalls are made from recycled paper
Jam jarDelivery runs are planned to be as efficient as possible to limit the use of fuel